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Decks, Patios, Concreting, Fences, Retaining Walls, Adding Walls, Doors and Windows.

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Drew was apprenticed in renovation and extensions, so the foundations of Drew Built was built on reno’s and extensions.  This combined with our team that have also spent much of their time in this area of building we do bring a team of specialist to work for you.

Over the 35+ years we have worked on new housing, commercial builds, milking sheds, high-end homes as well as smaller projects like decks, new kitchens and bathrooms which enhance your current home.  Drew Built loves to take a home and give it a new breath of life. 

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Our Work

Retaining Wall

Replacement of a very old retaining wall was the request.  The existing old wall was creeping closing to the home, so the client was very

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Auditorium Build

We took an old roller-skating rink and turned this into a church with a full kitchen, youth spaces and Counseling and Wellness Centre. One of our

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